FOOTBALLER Cristiano Ronaldo wants to be a Hollywood star when he hangs up his boots.

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MOVIE STAR: Cristiano Ronaldo has his sights set on the big screen after hanging up his boots

The Real Madrid ace, 32, has already made plans for a career in action movies.

And he is dreaming of becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis.

The Portuguese ace, who has three years left on his contract with the Spanish giants, said: “I started to plan my future when I was 27, 28.

“I am focused right now because my football career will finish one day – we all have to retire one day. I want to try other things – to do movies.”

“I want to try other things – to do movies”

Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Manchester United ace appeared in a documentary about himself called Ronaldo in 2015.

Friends believe he could follow in the footsteps of former Wimbledon and Leeds United star Vinnie Jones.

The hard-man 52, took up acting when he retired from playing and has appeared in a string of action movies including Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels and Gone In 60 Seconds.

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But Ronaldo insists he is still driven to succeed in football.

He added: “The main point is to be motivated. If you are motivated, the other things come easier.

“I am not young any more but in my mind I am still fresh and feel motivated with the power to succeed. I think this is the key.”



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